About me

Martina Gerdts – sie/ihr & she/her

About me

My name is Martina Gerdts and I study Romance linguistics and I work as a freelancer in the area language & texts. It’s always very possible to meet me in some research or language context some place online or in-person.

If you want to contact me, feel free to do so via e-mail sprachlabor@martina-gerdts.de or find some other way as described on my contact page.


On this webpage, I would like to share some fascination about linguistics and languages in general and also present my work in this area. Step-by-step, I will upload content about linguistics, languages and the linguistic side of academia as I think that it is a good idea to talk about the beauty of linguistics also outside of our “bubbles”.

This website is planned as a multilingual website with texts written in different languages such as German, English, Portuguese and more languages forthcoming.