After “Women in Language 2022” is during “Women in Language 2022” at “The Fluent Show”!

Okay, this headline might sound a little confusing but it does actually make sense! Let me explain: You might remember that I participated at “Women in Language 2022” with a talk and within a panel discussion about “Feminism in Our Language World”, right? Participants of the event have been able to watch both live or as recorded sessions.

“Feminism in Our Language World: A Panel Discussion from Women in Language”. Cover: Kerstin Cable.

Now, here come the news! The recordings of the panel discussion about feminism are now part of the newest episode of “The Fluent Show” of Kerstin Cable! Awesome! The podcast “The Fluent Show” was one of the first, that I’ve ever listened. This doubles the excitement about being part of the current episode!

If you want to listen to the discussion in which Archana Parmar, Chesline Pierre-Paul, Samantha Lassaux and I talked about feminism and language, click on the link of the “The Fluent Show” episode 236 hosted by Kerstin Cable and Lindsay Williams!

It’s about meaning of words, actions and identities. The discussion has been hold in English. And if you are already on the website of “The Fluent Show”, start listening to some other episodes of this amazing podcast!


Podcast “The Fluent Show” by Kerstin Cable, episode 236: